February 3, 2012

cyrus: “Do It Yourself” which was such a revelation and has been such a guiding/pushing force suddenly feels something like a missed opportunity. The idea of not having to wait for permission or sanction or acceptance or funds to make art, music, clothes, food, furniture, etc; of self-motivating and following an idea from its germination to its realization is still so huge. But I think that deciding to just “do it yourself” too often means you end up “doing it by yourself.” D.I.T. or “Do It Together” might have been a better choice. Collective mass action is so much more powerful than isolated individualism which relies so heavily on advertising and marketing to make a wide impact. D.I.T. means everyone plays in the same band instead of everyone has their own band. D.I.Y. creates an economy out of individual producers. D.I.T. destroys that economy because everyone creates the same one product and they then already all have it.

 I think we could get something out of D.I.T.— probably not money, but maybe the experience of collective action is better than money. It could bring whatever individual money was going to purchase to everyone now without waiting for permission or sanction or acceptance. .. . 

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